The microscope's light fades in, blinding the petri dish creatures as their shapes faintly squirm and vibrate. The big knob turns forward, backward with the small one, HA! Gotcha. The speck - working with all its might to grow something. Maybe a plant, the earth, an idea, a human person?

These are my projects - made from petri dishes with microscopes. Here is me, not made from a petri dish, but wishing I was so this bio could be more clever.

I've spent a lot of my life squirming and scattered all over the place. I grew up an expat, twisting the big knob forward in Texas, Perth, Sumatra, and Venezuela, and the small knob back in Texas, where I defined a passion at the University of Texas at Austin.

I'm still squirming, looking for more ways to grow. I'm still looking for color and life everyday, forever twisting the knobs and shining lights on projects and myself. And I've recently chosen a new land to take my microscope: Los Angeles.

LET’S experiment.